Polycity – Energy networks in sustainable cities
Eicker, Ursula

The objective of the urban development project POLYCITY supported by the
EU-programme Concerto is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel through
energy-efficient buildings and the increased use of renewable energies. The
scientific research conducted within the framework of this project focuses
on innovative energy saving technologies.

The findings of the POLYCITY project are published in this book which thus
offers a wide range of practical experiences and comprehensive information
about innovative energy concepts and performances.

The POLYCITY project supports different aspects of urban development in
three European cities: new buildings in the peripheral area of Barcelona,
Spain; the renewal of an old discrict in Turin, Italy; and a mixture of
redevelopment and new building in Scharnhauser Park, a former military area
close to Stuttgart, Germany.

This best practice book about sustainable urban energy concepts is worth
reading for architects, engineers and urban planners.